Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Deep Thoughts

So I’ve been perusing some other blogs and I’m starting to wonder if therapists are worried at all about this blog boom that is going on right now. Cause I’m thinking they might be losing some money as more and more people turn to blogging instead of therapy when in search of life’s answers. Have you checked out some of these blogs? People are confessing their life’s tragedies on here. They are posting heart wrenching poems and stories and pictures. For the whole world to see. That is, if the whole world were to do a keyword search for “depressing anecdotes”.

I guess there is something strangely freeing about spewing your innermost thoughts into the world wide arena. I mean, I know I felt better once I got my whole midget fascination confession off my chest. And the support I felt from my (two) readers felt like one big cyber-hug. (Although my flat screen computer monitor lacks a little in the way of substance as far as something to hug back.)

Some people have taken their blogging to an even more depressing level. They’ve decided to use this forum to reveal unspoken loves or plead for the return of lost loves. Cause nothing says “I love you” like a shout out on a blog. I read a famous person’s blog today in which Famous Person was basically expressing her regret over losing the friendship of a family member years ago and asking for a reconciliation. On a blog.

Blogging: When you don’t care enough to send anything at all.

Warning: Tangent ahead…

I once heard of an online service which allowed you to write five letters to whomever you wanted. This online service would hold on to these letters for you and upon your death would give these letters to whom they were written. I told one of my friends that this was a fabulous idea and that I was going to write 5 letters and tell her where they were and then if I died she was in charge of handing them out. Her response to my request was, “You’re an idiot.” (her harsh tone will be one of the issues discussed in the letter I write to her) I said, “Why, it’s a great idea, gives you the chance to say anything you’ve ever wanted to say.” She said, “Then why don’t you just say it when you’re alive?” I said, “Oh, that’s a point. And on that note your skirt is way too short for the workplace. Sincerely, Dawn.”

So in the spirit of Famous Person and People in Need of Therapy everywhere I give you my five letters I’ve written, but could never muster up the courage to send. That and people keep moving without leaving a forwarding address…

R come back to me.
S stay away from me.
T remember that time we did that thing? Good times.
U how do you expect me to get close to you with that silly restraining order in the way?
V wanna go get some tacos?


Dr. Blog PPDS., DDD. said...
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Dean said...

Yes Dawn, you could be a blog therapist! Not since the likes of Lucy has anyone commanded a bigger audience or at least the capitalistic idea of charging money to help someone in need...that will be 5 cents please.