Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Fun Game

One of my favorite shows on TV is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I tune in every week for the last 15 minutes and play the game that is sweeping the nation - “Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Guess Who Died!” Because every week they build a house for some family who has survived some horrible tragedy. “I know that your whole family was eaten by wolves Jimmy but look at this game room!!”

So the game goes a little something like this: You tune in right when they say, “MOVE THAT BUS!!” and then you have to be the first person to identify the family’s tragedy. You lose points if you don’t guess until the scene where the surviving members of the family are standing in front of a beautiful picture of their departed loved one which is now hanging beside their new flat screen tv. However, you can still win if you can correctly identify the cause of the person’s demise (horrible disease, horrible accident, while saving 14 children and a puppy dog from a burning building).

You get 524,458 points if you can watch the last 15 minutes of the show without crying. Why is it such a weird number? Because it’s a progressive jackpot that goes up every week. No one has ever won. Because it’s impossible to watch this show and not cry. Impossible. You do however win the Bonus Round if you can make it to the end of the show without falling into a deep depression.

Man, do I love this show. It’s got crying and hammering and plumber’s cracks and the occasional musical number from a random musical artist. Usually the musical artist is a country singer. Probably because it’s the only music where you could actually find a song that includes dying, crying, hammering and plumber’s cracks in the chorus.


Dean said...

I absolutley LOVE THIS SHOW!

It too, is my favorite show to watch. Although I am also stuck on West Wing reruns.

Every now and them I go to the folks house to watch. They have a TV the size of the superdome. My sister and her family come over too. Gawd, you would think we were watching man landing on the moon for the first time.

Now I know another place to go watch it at! Have the kleenix ready!!!

Oprah's Phil said...

Oh man, here we go with more tv addiction. I think Dean is right. You are seriously a tv addict. You could consider changing the name of your website to "random thoughts about tv shows that I love". At least this is a reality show that does some GOOD rather than make people eat chicken vomit or maggot testicles on a cracker. Thank GOD. But be careful, if people start to love this show too much, you know what is next - "Extreme Makeover - trailer park edition".

Heathweb said...

I despise the host of that show -- "Ty" whatshisbutt. He's so EXCITED about EVERYTHING that it must be exhausting just to be in the same room with him. I get tired just from listening to him go on and on.

And the stories on this show are so freakin sad, I didn't know life could be so sad but that's what the show has tuaght me -- that bad things still happen to good people, but if you're lucky then you'll be a good person who's been chosen to get a new marble and diamond bathtub, making it all worthwhile.

Ro said...

Oh I so love this show.

Sad but good.

want to do something like it

maybe forecasting

but not sure, always

I'm thinking.