Friday, May 20, 2005

Idon’t Idol

American Idol is down to the last two. I suppose I should start watching it now.

Every Idol season I vow to watch it from the beginning, get caught up in the mayhem and be able to participate in conversations for the duration of the series. Because try to find a conversation that doesn’t somehow end up back to Idol, “Have you heard we are in a war?” “Yeah, I think so, but can you BELIEVE Constantine got kicked off last night? The nerve of the voters!” “The nerve of his mother for naming him Constantine.”

So for months I’m out of the universal loop because I can’t quite get into the Idol. I always start strong, I watch the auditions and laugh at the people who thought bringing an inflatable sheep really might help their chances at becoming a superstar. Then the show explodes into like three nights a week and they lose me. That’s just way too much of a commitment for me. I’m sorry, I’ve got other things to do with my life. (Like watch Gilmore Girls and LOST)

The great thing about Idol is that you don’t really have to watch it to know what is going on. I didn’t watch one episode past the top 30 or so, and I could still tell you who got kicked off every week. And I didn’t even search the information out, it just appears EVERYWHERE. It’s a subliminal message sent to all of America through our tv’s and radios and Coca Cola cans.

So now that they are down the final two I guess I’ll check it out next week. Well, I’ll tape it and fast forward to the crying and confetti, cause that’s my favorite part anyway. I had been rooting for the kid with the tracheotomy, cause I thought that would make for more crying. The kid had a tracheotomy when he was little and couldn’t talk or something but now he can sing like an angel. Or an Idol, I guess. And he wore glasses. I loved this kid. I’m such a sucker for a good story. And glasses.

But my dorky guy with the hole in his throat got kicked off so now I’m rooting for Bo. Cause if the kid with the best story can’t have the confetti moment then I think it’s only right that it go to the kid with the best rap sheet.


Carmen Rasmussen from A.I. Season2 said...

I'm really surprised you haven't commented on anything Star Wars yet, or even mentioned the season finale of The Apprentice, because it's a reality show after all. You are right though, you don't need to watch A-Idol in order to know what is going on. Isn't that the beauty of the show? I guess they are not going in investigate Paula Abdul and her supposed relationship with Corey Clark Bar. they said it was punishment enough being Paula Abdul heh heh. Like any other show, it needs scandal, questionable behavior, sex, betrayal and comedy to make it a success. But really, get out from under the tv already and go see Star Wars III (really VI). Just get it overwith.

Also, Is your next blog going to be about LOST?? How about gilmore girls, or the UPN's decision to cancel your man Taye Digg's show, "Kevin Hill"?

Harris Bloom said...

I made the mistake of watching the first few episodes this go-round and I'm embarrased to say - I'm hooked!

Though I was rooting for Bo (The Outsider) or Carrie (The Cute but not Hot Blond) to win from the beginning, I actually found myself rootin' for Vonzell (The Wide-eyed, Happy to Be There Chick) - but alas, she got dumped last week - now I'm with you, rootin' for the druggie