Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Ahhhh. Uchenna and Joyce won the Amazing Race. Which only seems right. The woman shaved her damn head. He had to shave his head too. But seeing as though he was already bald, it didn’t seem to be quite as dramatic for him. A couple seasons back a team made up of two models had the chance to skip ahead of everyone if they shaved their heads. They said they just couldn’t, cause they had to be beautiful. Uh, pretty people: do you know how many wigs you could buy with a million bucks? Also, from my experience with hair I’ve found that it actually grows back. Come to think of it, it’s probably better they didn’t shave their heads. What’s ON their two heads is definitely worth more than what’s INSIDE them.

Back to tonight’s episode - I can’t tell you how glad I am that Rob and Amber didn’t come in first. I know everyone was rooting against them, but I was rooting against them for a unique reason. My reason is that I’m so completely over the “Romber” nickname that has been given to this couple. I feared that a win on yet another reality series may push these kids into their 19th minute of fame, clutching tightly to their ridiculous nickname. Let’s all take a moment to hope that without a victory “Romber” does not have the momentum to survive.

Honestly I don’t think I can take another one of these nicknames. Why are they catching on now? Like everything on this planet that has outstayed its welcome this trend can be traced back to J Lo. When she was dating Ben Affleck the two of them became “Bennifer”. Whyyyyy? It’s not like celebrity gossip columnists spend any time on actual research or interviewing actual sources, you’d think they’d have plenty of time to type those extra three letters and a space instead of combining these two names. Recently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became “Brangelina” in some very high quality publication. Brangelina? That sounds like some sort of prescription ointment for seniors to help keep them regular. Lovely. "Caution: This product may cause you to lose letters of your name. Do not use if you currently have a name, a letter or even a symbol."


Christine said...

I'm wondering what my husband and I would be? Michael ... Christine


Yup ... good thing they're gone!

Shantrellisha said...

I was wondering what my couple combo name would be....Shantrellisha and Boseefus = Boseellisha? Shantrelleefus? I dunno, sounds like what we should be calling our kidses, that is when we get some. Boseefus is too busy not working for us to afford any kid.

I could have told you months ago that Ambob would not have won. Too easy. Pre - planned. It was obvious they'd make it into the final three, but then lose. It's just too easy to see. Like, if Ruben Studdard was to compete on "Survivor", do you REALLY think he would win? He would sing alot ("No more Ruben", etc.) but I don't think his chances of winning another million would be in the cards. He'd be in the top 3 (Just like Ambob) but eventually lose in a challenge, like standing on one foot while on the cliff of a waterfall, and Jeff Probst in a rowboat below, tempting him to come git some Chicken and waffles to surrender the challenge - he wouldn't last 5 minutes. So, just like AmBob, no go.
How do you continue to fall for this pre-programmed crapola, thinking it is exciting and good? Wouldn't you rather watch reruns of "Homeboys in Outer Space"? Now there is a DVD compilation we are all waiting for...