Friday, July 29, 2005


So it seems that a few of my readers don’t enjoy my rambles about various TV programs or TV related matters. They would like me to stop posting them. And I would like to have a life that was entertaining enough to supply me with a new blog-worthy topic every day. Ahh, isn’t it fun to have dreams?

But alas, despite my references to Laffy Taffy jokes and carpel tunnel my life actually isn’t that exciting. I know, I know, I had you all fooled with my tale of 18 hour work days and late night furniture moving. But things can’t always be that action-packed. And I know you love ‘em but how many posts can a girl write about her drunk friends? They have to sober up at some point. We’ve been out of college for years now.

So what do I do when life fails to entertain me (and therefore definitely won’t entertain you, because you are a rough crowd)? Do I go out in search of all there is to see and do in this lifetime, and then return to you full of engaging stories of my triumphs and travels?

Yeah, no.

I just turn on my TV and flip through the channels until somebody does something ridiculous and then I blog about it. Do you see how this is a lot less work than actually living life? Life requires movement and probably a shower and maybe even a clean shirt. TV requires, well, an outlet. So there you go. I understand that you want to read about something other than TV, but you should probably understand that that’s probably not going to happen.

But thanks for the feedback.

What I find most amusing about the negative postings is that all of a sudden everyone became “Anonymous”. Seems people are hesitant to post their names when they are pointing out that a writer is a loser. What I find less amusing is that one of the negative postings came from my very own mother.

I think I’ve reached a low point on many levels when my own mother is posting negative messages on my blog about my lack of writing abilities or life.

This all reminds me of a TV show I saw once…


Baseball Fan said...

This sounds like a good idea for a reality show!

I think you have spoiled your readers by providing several entertaining blogs about various aspects of your awesome life. You've raised blogging to a level of perfection and therefore set a ceiling of quality that few others can attain.

The fact that your mother has grown tired of your rants about reality tv is proof of this! Even she has grown to expect more from you. So, when you write a blog that isn't ncessarily original or inspiring, just a regular observational blog about tv (as MANY of your blogs have been about tv, HELLO PEOPLE), people are all of the sudden disappointed. See, it's like going to a Giants game to see Barry Bonds - and if he goes 3-4, has 2 doubles and 4 RBI, you are disappointed because he didn't hit a home run. Still a great day for any player, but a letdown for casual Barry Bonds fans.

So, that being said, thanks for being a great blog-player Dawn, (hall of fame!) and even though you usually hit one out every day, I'll take a couple of doubles anytime, even if your mom won't. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's not your WRITING abilities that I'm disappointed in, it's the topic. You need to put down the mouse and go get a life. (hopefully, not with Baseball fan--he's a little over the top)--bl

Baseball fan said...


Geez, here I thought you would like that someone would be defending your sweet daughter, and instead you insult both of us.

Doesn't working on a movie for endless hours, having two jobs, playing soccer, taking care of her almost child, playing softball once a week, movie-surfing, rescuing drunk girls from near disaster, tossing arm braces in her sleep, and moving furniture up a gothic staircase constitute as having SOME kind of life? What kind of life do you propose she "get", exactly? C'mon mom! Love the daughter! LOVE HER!!!

Dawn, when did you say you were visiting? :-)

Dean said...

Heck, I can't even spell Anonymous.

But I will say:

"You watch waaayy to much TV."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dean. Oh, and by the way, I haven't seen Barry Bonds hit anything in so very long.--bl

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dean. Oh, and by the way, I haven't seen Barry Bonds hit anything in so very long.--bl

dawn said...

I'm glad I have at least one fan who will defend me. Sure he is a fan who is comparing me to a drugged up, philandering, injured athlete. But still. I have to take the compliments where I can get them. Cause we all know my mom ain't handing them out freely anymore.

Baseball said...

OK so it's like Seeing A-Rod, ok, not Barry Bonds...A-Rod has 29 this year, ok? dagnabbit

dawn said...

It seems I have now upset my one fan. That is not good.

I apologize. I thank you for any metephor you come up with that attempts to defend me from the onslaught of evil commentors.