Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We’re Old - UPDATED!!

A couple blogs ago I mentioned my group of friends that I grew up with. A good majority of the females in that group all played soccer together throughout high school. So when the local indoor soccer facility called me up and asked me if I wanted to put together a team, I said, “Sure! I have a bunch of friends who play soccer! It will be fun!” What I should have said was, “Sure! I have a bunch of friends that USED TO PLAY soccer! It will be FUNNY!”

So tonight we had our first game. Eight of us came out to play. You play with five on the field and one goalie, so we had two subs. That’s great, we’d have plenty of time to rest. We were all ready to go. Well, except for the girl who didn’t bring shin guards. But other than that we were good to go.

Good news: We had the first kick-off.
Bad news: The second person on our team to touch the ball after the first kick-off immediately fell to the ground. For no apparent reason.

Good news: We had two subs.
Bad news: One of them had an asthma attack after 4 minutes and had to be taken to the hospital.

Good news: We’d all played soccer before.
Bad news: None of us had ever played goalie.

Good news: After one team gets a lead of four or more goals the other team gets to put an additional player on the field.
Bad news: We had an additional player on the field for a majority of the game, leaving us with no subs.

Good news: The ground is pretty soft.
Bad news: Two of our players were having their own competition to see who could fall down the most times.

Good news: We had some great shots on goal.
Bad news: We didn’t have any shots that actually went IN the goal.
Badder news: The other team had quite a few go IN their goal.

Good news: Through many years of playing soccer we all have developed many tried and true methods of successful soccer playing.
Bad news: Slide-tackling, pushing, tripping and just throwing your entire body onto another player are all considered “fouls” in rec soccer. What a bunch of pansies.

Good news: Everyone was able to walk off the field at the end of the game.
Bad news: We had one pulled groin muscle, one pulled hamstring, three twisted ankles, a “my bones hurt”, and quite a few rug burns.

Good news: When we were young we could play 3 soccer games in a day and not even bat an eye.
Bad news: We are old.


My asthma's fine, nothing 5 hours in the hospital won't fix.
I can't wear regular shoes, cause my foot is so swollen.

Hey Dawn,
I thought I'd give you the story on my toes to add to all of the "drama" of our soccer game.....So, both of my big toes have be hurting bad and were swollen, so I finally went to the doctor to see what was wrong because it still hurt to walk. Long story short, I have what is commonly known as turf toe (it has a medical name that I can't remember right now). Basically, both of my big toe nails got hit and buckled, causing all of the blood vessels and whatever else underneath your toe to make like a blood clot. This caused swelling and turned the underneath of my toe black. So the doctor had to use a needle and drill a few holes into each of my nails to release the fluid and blood that was all stuck underneath the toe. Quite a site, let me tell ya. And to top that off, he said there is now nothing left that is keeping my nail attached, so they both will be falling completely off soon! Just thought you might get a good laugh out of this!

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