Friday, July 15, 2005

A Plea

Why, why, why do Mexican take out places insist on providing a container the size of a tube of lipstick to hold my salsa? Why? Please explain it to me. Because I’m obviously missing something in the business plan that does not allow for a person to take more than a tablespoon worth of salsa in one container.

Now I get that they are trying to keep you from getting too much free salsa, cause on the whole businesses don’t like the give things out for no dinero. But seriously. Come on. How much money are you really saving by giving me such a small container? Does the fact that you are giving me small containers stop me from getting too much free salsa? No it does not. It just forces me to fill up 32 little containers while everyone stands around and takes bets on whether I can balance them all on the way to the car.

So really, I’m getting just as much salsa as if you gave me a bigger container. Actually I’m probably getting more than I would have gotten, because I’m over-compensating for the small container size by filling up way too many little plastic things.

So then, instead of saving money on salsa the business owner is spending more money on the ridiculous amounts of little plastic containers and lids that I’m taking. Those things must add up quick at 10- 20 a person.

So please. For the love of chalupa. Give me a salsa container that is big enough for uh, more than two scoops of salsa. And I know I might be pushing it, but if it could actually be big enough to fit an ENTIRE chip in it as well, I would be the happiest senorita at the fiesta.

Thank you.


Jenn said...

Hi. I got your notify list e-mail thing today and thought I'd comment haha. I wanted to say that I find you consistently hilarious (especially in the wee hours of the morning). And my husband says he agrees on you with the salsa thing. He complains about this on a regular basis. Umm all right. :)

Chevy's Chips said...

It's the same people who make hot dogs in packs of 8 but sell buns of 10 who make these containers. The same goes for the wee paper ketchup cups at Wendy's and other places, they make you use 8 little cups when one large on would be way better.
They could give you a choice and let you choose one or the other to make it more convenient. But then, it's not about our convnenience, it's about the cost of the paper cups and the little plastic containers.

Is it any surprise that dawn's blog is once again about something to do with food? I'm not complaining I'm just saying, it's very consistent. Oh, and funny as hell. :-)

Dean said...

Ahhh, my favorite subject: Food. And Salsa to boot!

I have gotten to that when I go iside for take-out, instead of drive-thru, I take the food they give me and put my salsa on there. By doing this I feel I have saved some plastic creature from an early end to it's life.

This works great for Nacho's, my favorite.

You'll thank them later when the great tomato famine of 2006 happens!

Da is dawn said...

Just because you have the weekend off doesn't mean you can stop blogging. Don't you know there are those of us who depend on your nightly rants about food, reality tv and sleeping?